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Magic dry cleaners for sale (Nicosia, Cyprus) Asking Price: €70000000

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Magic dry cleaners for sale

Revenue €Avaible on request, Cash Flow €Avaible on request, Established 1995

I thought about it, and I realized that some of my projects take days to complete. Maybe even weeks, if you added up all of the hours involved! And I know how easily wool can be ruined by overpressing, or how my glass button might crack or shatter if dropped. Which made me want to keep my dress safe from harm at the drycleaners.

Except, now what? Now how do I get it clean?

Granted, I don’t have to wash a dress like this very frequently. It’s a cold-weather dress, so I won’t be sweating that often. But what if I’m out for dinner and spill? What if someone’s kid spills on me? What if I trip and fall in a puddle? Basically, what if life happens to my dress. I’m going to need to wash it somehow!

In theory, drycleaners are supposed to be cleaning experts. So why am I worried? So far, nothing’s ever come back ruined. Am I being paranoid?

What about you? Do you trust your drycleaner with your beautiful handmade garments? Do you make only washable garments? Has your drycleaner ever wrecked something of yours?

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